Nicholas Bush

I have a perennial subject, this being the port of Newhaven, with its cliffs, river, breakwater and views of the English Channel. Walking along the cliffs there are often dramatic and sudden shifts in scale whilst the floodplains of the Ouse Valley celebrate flatness. Eastbourne, the town where I was born, with its seafront whiteness and the formal setting of the Devonshire Park is another place I enjoy depicting. I also occasionally paint on the Weald of Sussex, the space between the North and South Downs. Albeit, it is by the cliffs that my painting is inspired. It is this local topography that is often the starting point for my painting.

I am an artist living the working in Newhaven, East Sussex. I am a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art and the Royal Drawing School, London. Exhibitions include: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize and The ING Discerning Eye.